Robert Sachs

Rebirth Into Pure Land: A True Story of birth, Death, and Transformation & How We Can Prepare for The Most Amazing Journey of Our Lives

Robert tells the extraordinary story of the birth and death of one of his daughters, the transference of consciousness practice from the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism that was done on her behalf, the miracles that ensued, and how this change his life's direction. Working with death and dying through his hospice social work, counseling, and presentations, this book includes important information and exercises that will help each and every one of us to traverse this time more consciously and in peace.

Selected Works

Medicine Buddha, Sangye Menla, Tibetan Medicine, Ayurveda
Helping to heal the Three Poisons that are the root of all our illnesses and suffering...
Autobiography, Philosophy, Self Help
A moving story that inspired Robert to put in print many insights and practices to help each of us to die more consciously and at peace.
Self-help, spirituality, Buddhism, death, dying, and bereavement
Shows how we can embrace dying and death with greater clarity, wisdom, power, and joy.
Astrology, Personal Growth
A system of astrology used over the centiries in Tibet, Japan, and China - easy to calculate, but profound in its possible applications for all facets of life.
Relationships/Self Help
A must for anyone seeking to practice the profound path of intimate relationships.
--Tsultrim Allione, author
Self-help, spirituality, Buddhism, relationships, marriage
Addressing the challenges to and rewards of developing deep love and cultivating lasting relationships
Current Affairs
Practical and transcendental wisdom that every concerned citizen and social and political activist needs to hear.