Robert Sachs

Nine Star Ki: Feng Shui Astrology for Deepening Self-Knowledge and Enhancing Relationships, Health, and Prosperity

With the growing interest in Eastern wisdom traditions and the more recent explosion of interest in Feng Shui and Eastern forms of astrology, Nine Star Ki (the systems Japanese name, also known as Nine House Astrology in China, and the System of Mewas or birthmarks in Tibet), is fast becoming recognized as as one of the most insightful and accessible astrological systems for modern times.

Although immensely successful, Nine Star Ki was out of print for several years. Now, in these challenging times, Robert felt compelled to once again bring it back into print with the help of iUniverse. Read the comments of other teachers of oriental disciplines about this work...

"Robert Sachs is one one of the pioneers of Nine Star Ki and its practice in the West. His years of experience, valuable insights and wisdom shared in this book will give you new persepctives of yourself, your health, and your relationships."
Jon Sandifer, author of Feng Shui Astrology

"A major area of study in Eastern astrology is covered here with insight, clarity, and humor. I recommend it to anyone who has the curiosity to ask, 'wy do I do what I do?'"
William Tara, author of Macrobiotics and Human Behavior

"Robert expertly combines your birth energy (Nine Star Ki) with your home energy (Feng Shui) which will provide great insights to enhance all aspects of your life."
Jami Lin, author of Feng Shui Today: Earth Design, the Added Dimension

Selected Works

Medicine Buddha, Sangye Menla, Tibetan Medicine, Ayurveda
Helping to heal the Three Poisons that are the root of all our illnesses and suffering...
Autobiography, Philosophy, Self Help
A moving story that inspired Robert to put in print many insights and practices to help each of us to die more consciously and at peace.
Self-help, spirituality, Buddhism, death, dying, and bereavement
Shows how we can embrace dying and death with greater clarity, wisdom, power, and joy.
Astrology, Personal Growth
A system of astrology used over the centiries in Tibet, Japan, and China - easy to calculate, but profound in its possible applications for all facets of life.
Relationships/Self Help
A must for anyone seeking to practice the profound path of intimate relationships.
--Tsultrim Allione, author
Self-help, spirituality, Buddhism, relationships, marriage
Addressing the challenges to and rewards of developing deep love and cultivating lasting relationships
Current Affairs
Practical and transcendental wisdom that every concerned citizen and social and political activist needs to hear.