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Political and Other Reflections from Robert

PHOWA Experience

Dear Friends,
Had an intense and remarkable time at a phowa retreat with my dear friend, Lama Ole Nydahl. Lama Ole is a remarkable teacher and has a persepctive that few teachers offer. Sometimes what he says is quite politically challenging. But, over the years, I have observed that what he says is happening  Read More 
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When the banks and financial institutions were failing, the bleat from Wall Street and the cry on Capitol Hill was that these institutions were "too big to fail;" that if they collapsed, the earth would fall out of orbit and we would all be eating worms.

And then, the US taxpayers bails them out  Read More 
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Time Banks

Dear Friends,
I recently had a conversation with visionary, Edgar Cahn, the founder of Time Banks - where communities of people share services with each other, not based on the prestige of this or that service, but solely on need and the value of one hour of time being shared. This gets rid of  Read More 
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More smoke screens and conditioned existence

In the tradition of Buddhism, there is enlightened reality, NIRVANA, and conditioned, confused reality, SAMSARA. As there are laws and methods that help one to attain the awakened, enlightened state of being, the "Nirvancic" mind and being, there are also laws that govern the confusion of conditioned existence that most of us wallow in.

 Read More 
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President Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize

A friend of mine who was once very high up in the journalistic food chain told me recently how cynicism is the dominant characteristic sought after to make the big bucks. cynicism is sexy and sells.

That is why it came as no surprise to me that both right and left wing pundits are  Read More 
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It's All About The Money

Many of you my be scratching or shaking your head about the furor created by Sarah Palin and a host of other right-wing Republican leaders, media pundits, and their minions over what they call Obama's death panels - where, they claim, the fate of our seniors will be presided over by government officials. Of  Read More 
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Presentation for
Science, Wisdom, and The Future
San Luis Obispo, CA
By Robert Sachs
June 26th, 2009
In a conversation about Buddhism and Science, H.H. Dalai Lama said that if there ever was a discrepancy between science and Buddhism, that one should trust science.

This may seem an odd statement on the part of  Read More 
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More Health Care Nonsense

Listening to the discussions about the current attempts to create an American health care plan have done little to excite me. On fact, I have found them rather absurd.

A sign of a "great society" is one that seeks to elevate the quality of life of its citizenry. This obviously includes health care. Read More 
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Health Care Debacle

The current administrations proposals to create affordable health care available to the average American citizen is doomed to failure if the only people they are going to listen to at the CEOs of HMOs, the pharmaceutical moguls, and number crunchers excited by the possible automating of medical records.
Until true preventive methods like traditional  Read More 
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Dear Friends,

Over the course of my life, I have found myself drawn to write about matters that come close to my heart and beckon. In being involved with holistic healing, I wrote Tibetan Ayurveda. In dealing with issues around death and dying of people close to me, I felt compelled to  Read More 

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