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Political and Other Reflections from Robert

PTSD as a political ploy

NPR gave a report that the First Lady is heading an initiative to help get physicians trained in how to work with PTSD. Sounds good - almost.

The fact is that research and practical experience has proven that bodywork and meditation have been the most effective tools in helping vets and others experiencing PTSD  Read More 
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Getting Over Yourself and What to Do Next

I have heard so much as of late the issue of feeling "disconnected" and the emotional/existential issues that this brings up.
So, here is a simple message...
It's not about you.

Let's start with a fact so you can get over it all - and I do mean it all.

You are ONE  Read More 
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The Times We are In

Our minds, out of habit, crave unambiguous, well-packaged reality. If we all accept that in truth, all of us want to be happy, then such a craving would seem both logical and a useful as the impetus to achieve this utopian goal.
Yet, time and again, our efforts get foiled – no matter where we  Read More 
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Ambulance Down In The Valley

So, I get a call from the Democratic Party Congressional fund raising people. They tell me of all the ways that the Republicans are going to gut whatever healthcare plan President Obama had pushed through when the Democrats were in control. And, they tell me that they need to raise funds to especially ensure  Read More 
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Frankenstein Alfalfa

This week, Monsanto was able to convince the US president that GMO alfalfa is good for the country.

There are just some things I think that {Pres. Obama just doesn't get. And, maybe Michelle has got to have a good, long talk with him.

The fact is that if GMOs take over our food  Read More 
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A Change of Game Plan?

Before this weekends shootings in Tucson, I was listening to liberal talk show host, Randi Rhodes, who was commenting about the lack of knowledge or respect newer conservative members of Congress had for the US Constitution. She and many callers said that with such obvious disregard and the increase in hate speech used by  Read More 
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Every Tradition Needs a Heretic

Probably since forever, people manage to take things in unintended directions. Take every world religion. Manifest Destiny, the Chosen People rap, jihad, gassing subway passengers, pogroms, gas chambers, assassinations, and inquisitions - all ideas, beliefs, actions taken by people who believe that how they see it is how it is and the annihilation of  Read More 
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What's important...

With lack of mind discipline, it is so easy to get dragged down into the fray - to take all too seriously the rancor of polarized polemics pounding us perpetually in what John Stewart aptly called the 24-hour perpetual pundit conflictinator.

So, we come around to Thanksgiving. This year my wife, Melanie, and I  Read More 
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Bought election

After the statutes ran out on whatever laws we did have regarding campaign financing, an out of control situation has now become, "officially" out of control. The US Chamber of Commerce is supposedly accepting donations from foreign interests for candidates that will help international corporate and other global power interests. But, as I say, " Read More 
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The first amendment is an amazing thing - where the rants of small minded people are tolerated even whilst they can incite riots, create chaos, anger and fear in thousands. And yet, would we tolerate the opposite - were we to deny someone their 15 minutes of fame in the name of security, etc...

As  Read More 
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