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Political and Other Reflections from Robert

First things first...

There is a concern that the proceedings investigating the POTUS and the thrust towards impeachment are distracting the Democrats from doing "the people's work."


This true and not true.


There is great urgency to address the slow moving, but steady train of environmental degradation soon to reach biblical proportions.  Also, the hideous display of political jockeying while children die in our southern border camps.


But, will the current POTUS and his compliant cronies agree to ANY proposals that the Dems produce and get passed through the House?


In which case, IMPEACHMENT, even if it does not succeed is as good as any issue to address.  But, if successful with a groundswell, it may well create a possible cascade releasing the forces of reason.  In which, the last issue that we would normally think of addressing for the change we seek may be the first we need to address...

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