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Political and Other Reflections from Robert

Stop the Pumps!

Bear with me as I put on my Ayurvedic Hat...

For those unfamiliar with Ayurveda, it is the oldest and most respected holistic healing science on the planet.  Interestingly enough, in its treatments, which include treatments for humans, animals, even the environment, there are prescriptions for how to clean up nuclear waste!  Long ago, beyond our conventional, air brushed history, did we do to the planet what we seem to be doing here and now?

So back to the point...

According to Ayurveda, Mother Gaia, our Beloved Earth, is like all living beings, made up of the same elements which nourish and nurture our bodies.

OIL within the earth does what oil does within our bodies.  In our bodies, there is lubrication, sticky, slimy, unctuous, flowing as the fattiness within our tissues.  Such fattiness protects our brain and nervous system, provides the slide and glide of every moving part, preventing overheating.  And, as we get older, we need to augment this fatty tissue with Omega 3 fatty acids in our diets, soothing oils for our skins and so forth.  Without it, our nervous systems become more easily jangled, our joints become inflamed, creaky and stiff, our skin and hair dry up.

Translate this to Mother Gaia.

If we extract oil from oil streams and repositories and tar sands in the ground, we remove the slide and glide of tectonic plates.  Movement then becomes more abrupt, leading to more intense earthquakes, heat begins to build up, which evaporates our water supplies and the earth become dry and barren. Protective layers of icey coolness melt and more and more land become susceptiple to fiery conditions while coastal, cooler lands become submerged by rising seas.

The simplest and most obvious solution to all of this cascading out of control?  THE IMMEDIATE halting of all oil drilling worldwide.

We have gotten to the point in our technology where lubrications and combustibles made of vegetation and the use of solar and wind power can generate whatever it is we think we need to sustain a reasonable degree of ease and comfort FOR ALL.

Overcoming Greed and encouraging the political will need to be the FIRST RESPONSES to the disasters unfolding.

And, we should be prepared for the heightening of mad rhetoric and reaction as these sensible and obvious solutions are brought about by hundreds of millions of loving beings who see that ONENESS and interconnection bears itself out in fearless action to make the changes we need to survive and thrive.

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