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Political and Other Reflections from Robert

Faulty Political Calculus

At this point, I contend that Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic caucus are demonstrating a timidity rooted in a faulty political calculus regarding the issue of impeachment.


They are drawing an equivalency between the impeachment of Pres. Bill Clinton and the fall out that hurt the Republican party afterwards and what the Dems may incur if they do the same.


Here is why this is faulty.


* Special Prosecutor Starr had one issue to deal with.  Oral sex and the President lying about it.


* How do you compare one stained blue dress to campaign finance violations (Stormy), perpetual violations of the emoluments clause, witness tampering, trusting foreign dictators over our own intelligence community, and being willing to accept money from foreign entities?


* There is no comparison or equivalency here.


* The American people, though often not so well informed are not stupid.  They GET the difference between a blow job and treason.


* The percentage of people supporting impeachment now is greater than the numbers who supported the impeachnment of  Pres. Nixon.



The 2018 Dem landslide had more to do with people wanting fresh faces, new ideas, real change, and a real fear and disdain for our current POTUS than them being happy with the Democratic status quo.


If they really liked the Democratic status quo, the majority with which Hillary Clinton won the popular vote would have been much bigger.


Bottom line: Faulty Calculus, over-inflated sense of support of the Dem status quo...  

Impeachment is about principle FIRST.  If you hold to the principle, the poltical tide will turn and the numbers will bear this out.


Morality and principle needs to nurture political stands.  If it is the other way, then 2020 is already lost.

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