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Political and Other Reflections from Robert

A Parody for the Fire Monkey Year

We are about to embark into a Fire Monkey year, which will prove itself to be chaotic, volatile, but not as devastating as some may think. Perhaps a year of gas, but not a real relief from our political constipation.

So, in the spirit of Weird Al, here is a parody that some of you may like. This of the Mickey Mouse Theme song...
This is for all the Trump-eteers...

"Who's the leader of the blind
Not made for you or me?


Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Forever we shall wave his follies high!

Who's the leader of the bland
Not made for USA


ald - Duh, really?


If you know some political bloggers or activists that want to get zany, perhaps this can be an anthem at Mr. D's rallies...
Because folks, he is not going away very soon...
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