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Political and Other Reflections from Robert

Health Care

There may be a number of people that are relieved that they have healthcare, courtesy of the Affordable health care Act, or Obamacare. For me, I am glad to have something just in case I experienced some kind of catastrophic accident. But, that is about it.

There are so many holes and flaws with the program as it stands.
(1) No emphasis on prevention. You basically have allopathic intervention and pharmaceuticals as your options.
(2) A more difficult time for chiropractors and mental health professionals to get insurance coverage for their services.
(3) The tightening grip of the FDA on everything that even uses the word "healthy" to describe itself. We make a coffee spice product called Shakti Shots. I said it made coffee healthier. The insurer, under stricter guidelines imposed by the US government, said that because of that one word, our product was now a nutriceutical and would require 10 times the amount of insurance. How many hippy chicks and lads will not be able to offer the lotions and potions, totally benign compared to the average pharmaceutical, at farmers' markets, etc...?
(4) The growing arms of the AMA and FDA being giving greater power to challenge and shut down compounding pharmacies, the use of homeopathy, and so forth.

We shall be allowed generic, fairly ineffective pain killers, radical interventions, and SOMA to numb us out.

So, what to do?

Personally, I say fight to about 10% of your abilities. Devote the other 90% to learning how to take better care of yourself so that you do not need such interventions. Support local farmers and build a community of like-mind individuals to provide you with emotion support and fortitude. Eat well, think good thoughts, clear toxic emotions, and share love and possibility with people you love.

Step to the side and allow the juggernaut of mediocrity to flow its own merry way. Build a future for your children by fortifying yourselves now.

This is the vision of The Ecology of Oneness...

Watch this space.
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