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Political and Other Reflections from Robert

PTSD as a political ploy

NPR gave a report that the First Lady is heading an initiative to help get physicians trained in how to work with PTSD. Sounds good - almost.

The fact is that research and practical experience has proven that bodywork and meditation have been the most effective tools in helping vets and others experiencing PTSD to integrate their traumatic experiences in a way that re-establishes wholeness and balance in their lives.

None of this is going to bring docs dollars, though - which probably is why the successes of these modalities is being downplayed.

And then there is the VA. It already knows what works and what doesn't. yet, they have opted for immersion therapy - desensitization - as the preferred treatment. They know it doesn't work. But, this is just a reflection of the ambivalence the VA has in recognizing PTSD in the first place.

More than likely the medical establishment outside of the VA that Mrs. Obama is touting as the new white knight on the block will just offer medications to compliment immersion therapy. Thus the money will stay in the allopathic family. Therapists doing good work will get very little credit. And the vets will lose out.

In the reality of this, I wish I did not feel as cynical as I do. Although I can believe that Mrs. Obama genuinely wants to help vets, I think she has drunk the corporate medical Kool Aid. In the end, it makes for a nice talking point for her husband during his campaign and not much more.

To help our returning vets with the therapies that seem to work, take a look at the list at If you want to join in and become a part of the efforts we are making, let us know.

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