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Political and Other Reflections from Robert

Getting Over Yourself and What to Do Next

I have heard so much as of late the issue of feeling "disconnected" and the emotional/existential issues that this brings up.
So, here is a simple message...
It's not about you.

Let's start with a fact so you can get over it all - and I do mean it all.

You are ONE with it ALL. There is NO separation. You do not have to re-unite with the Divine. You have to RE-COMMIT to the Divine.

So, if you have the illusion in your mind that at the beginning of your journey back to the source of which you have never been separate from anyway that you have to get over yourself, lose yourself, or however you want to call the process, then that is where you need to start. You are not back in line somewhere, you have not lost ground as the ground has always been under your feet.

Whilst you may experience various levels of peace, love, transcendence in this process, there is really no end point and whatever feeling you have decided to fixate on as meaning that you have made it, is just some comfortable place, which, I can assure you is ephemeral ad will change sooner or later.

The question is not whether you feel or do not feel part of the ONE. The real question is, knowing that is how it is anyway, what are you going to do about it?

If you get this, you get the only thing you will ever need to get and you will inherently, automatically know what you need to do with this life - with this body, voice, spirit, that you have.

Your job is to remind everyone else of the same, by whatever means you have at your disposal.
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