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Political and Other Reflections from Robert

Bought election

After the statutes ran out on whatever laws we did have regarding campaign financing, an out of control situation has now become, "officially" out of control. The US Chamber of Commerce is supposedly accepting donations from foreign interests for candidates that will help international corporate and other global power interests. But, as I say, "If it's not something new, it must be more of the same..."

At present, the Republicans are supposedly out funding the Democrats by 7 to 1. I get a call from a Nancy Pelosi phone bank and they ask me to contribute - as if somehow by small individual donations, the Democrats will be able to make up the dollar difference so that ads on TV are not just a Republican and T-Party monopoly.

But, what if we all did the counter-intuitive thing? What if, the Democrats didn't even try to match Republican dollars? What if they decided to run on substance and character and real issues? What if they decided to act sustainably and utilize public service announcements, email, blog, youtube, Facebook, etc...? What if they got so hot on this that people got inspired - and decided to willingly canvass neighborhoods and call friends. Could a grass roots effort trump a well oiled cash machine?

Asking "average Jo" to cough up like "country club Ken" is a poor and ineffective strategy. Short of accepting that the whole political process in this country is in the toilet and should just be flushed, can we chose another way?
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