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Political and Other Reflections from Robert

Juggernaut of the mind

No matter how hard the world and the media mogul pull us in one direction or another, I cannot take my eyes away from the slow bleed of oil killing the Gulf of Mexico.

When I was younger and would visit my parents in Sarasota, i thought of the Gulf as the warmest, most peaceful waters I had ever been in.

To see ways of life and life itself dying with no end in sight makes me feel that somehow, we are not quite getting the magnitude of what is unfolding on our shores.

Here is an example where greed pushed us past our technical abilities to manage our ambitions. All solutions seem so simplistic and unrealistic. And that the hope is for there to be another well drilled at a depth we cannot manage seems so absurd.

When I interviewed the Buddhist masters, Ajahn Amaro spoke of the latter half of a Golden Age in a Dark Age. Whilst opportunities still abound, I become more convinced that teaching our children knowledge that they will need in the future is far more relevant than trying to turn the juggernaut of this civilization in a new direction.

We can not despair, nor give up. But, we must be prepared for what is now so clearly unfolding.
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