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Bought election

October 11, 2010

Tags: Barak Obama, Democratic Party, Robert Sachs, Buddha at War

After the statutes ran out on whatever laws we did have regarding campaign financing, an out of control situation has now become, "officially" out of control. The US Chamber of Commerce is supposedly accepting donations from foreign interests for candidates that will help international corporate and other global power interests. But, as I say, " (more…)

Not so thin skinned

July 23, 2010

Tags: Buddha at War, Robert Sachs, Barak Obama, Becoming Buddha

In the beginning of this week, I was rather disappointed with the Obama administration in supporting the firing of Shirley Sherrod. Their knee-jerk fear-base response to Fox and other reactionary pundits was Pathetic - with a capital "P" for two reasons. First, because they didn't bother checking their facts first. Secondly, because in an (more…)

The mounting cost

June 28, 2010

Tags: BP, Kindra Arneson, Robert Sachs, Barak Obama, Buddha at War

The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico keeps unfolding, like a slow motion nuclear explosion that will eventually leave behind an area that will not come to right in our lifetime.

I strongly advise friends to watch the video listed hear as this ordinary lady, Kindra Arneson, lays it on the line as it (more…)

Turning point

May 24, 2010

Tags: BP, oil, ecology, Robert Sachs, Becoming Buddha

If - as I have written so often - that disaster is always, but sadly, the best teacher, then it may be possible that the horrendous events unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico will be the wake-up call that environmentalists have been warning us about.

Besides the death to many species of plants and (more…)

In Praise of Dennis Kucinich

March 18, 2010

Tags: Dennis Kucinich, President Obama, Ralph Nader, Robert Sachs

Listening to Democracy Now today, I heard Congressman Dennis Kucinich explain why he would vote for President Obama's health bill. Bottom line is that he knows - as does Ralph Nader - and even some ordinary folks that this bill is just a token. It is a political line in the sand - a (more…)

From the words of OZ

March 12, 2010

Tags: Dr. Oz, Oprah Winfrey, Robert Sachs, Heath Care, President Obama

I am trying to be optimistic. I am trying to believe that all of this effort on the part of President Obama to get a health care bill passed is going to be some kind of victory. I want to believe that it will open the door just enough to make other REAL reforms (more…)

Health Care Not the Issue

February 24, 2010

Tags: GOP, Democrats, Health Care, Obama, Robert Sachs, Becoming Buddha

In listening to the jockeying going on in Congress it is clear that the game being played has little to do with health care. The fact that the not so in tune representative from Ohio could say that he didn't think that anyone is really having a problem with their health insurance lets us (more…)

The Death of Democracy

January 21, 2010

Tags: Democracy, United States, Robert Sachs, The Buddha at War

It is official. The veil has been lifted - the trend for this year. The Supreme Court has lifted a ban that has limited corporate campaign contributions. The result? Candidates for sale to the highest bidder.

Does anyone remember Li'l Abner - "What's good for General Bullmoose, is good for the USA!"

Today is (more…)

Feet to the Fire

January 20, 2010

Tags: Barak Obama, Democrats, Robert Sachs, The Buddha at War, Becoming Buddha

How more apparent can it be that our political process is so wimpy, reactive, and utterly ineffective when we watch the hyper attention and posturing that comes with the Tuesday election in Massachusetts?

As you may or may not know, I never thought that the health care bill proposed by Democrats was really of (more…)

PHOWA Experience

December 5, 2009

Tags: Phowa, Tibetan Book of The Dead, Lama Ole, Robert Sachs, Conscious Dying

Dear Friends,
Had an intense and remarkable time at a phowa retreat with my dear friend, Lama Ole Nydahl. Lama Ole is a remarkable teacher and has a persepctive that few teachers offer. Sometimes what he says is quite politically challenging. But, over the years, I have observed that what he says is happening (more…)


November 17, 2009

Tags: Chase Bank, Chase Merchant Services, Money, Robert Sachs, Economy

When the banks and financial institutions were failing, the bleat from Wall Street and the cry on Capitol Hill was that these institutions were "too big to fail;" that if they collapsed, the earth would fall out of orbit and we would all be eating worms.

And then, the US taxpayers bails them out (more…)

More smoke screens and conditioned existence

October 18, 2009

Tags: Samsara, Diamond Way Ayurveda, Robert Sachs, Balloon

In the tradition of Buddhism, there is enlightened reality, NIRVANA, and conditioned, confused reality, SAMSARA. As there are laws and methods that help one to attain the awakened, enlightened state of being, the "Nirvancic" mind and being, there are also laws that govern the confusion of conditioned existence that most of us wallow in.


President Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize

October 10, 2009

Tags: Barack Obama, Robert Sachs, Nobel Peace Prize, The Wisdom of The Buddhist Masters

A friend of mine who was once very high up in the journalistic food chain told me recently how cynicism is the dominant characteristic sought after to make the big bucks. cynicism is sexy and sells.

That is why it came as no surprise to me that both right and left wing pundits are (more…)


June 25, 2009

Tags: Robert Sachs, Dharma, Buddhism, The Buddha at War, Buddhist Masters, Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche

Presentation for
Science, Wisdom, and The Future
San Luis Obispo, CA
By Robert Sachs
June 26th, 2009
In a conversation about Buddhism and Science, H.H. Dalai Lama said that if there ever was a discrepancy between science and Buddhism, that one should trust science.

This may seem an odd statement on the part of (more…)

More Health Care Nonsense

June 10, 2009

Tags: Robert Sachs, Barak Obama, The Buddha at War, Alternative Medicine

Listening to the discussions about the current attempts to create an American health care plan have done little to excite me. On fact, I have found them rather absurd.

A sign of a "great society" is one that seeks to elevate the quality of life of its citizenry. This obviously includes health care. (more…)

Health Care Debacle

March 27, 2009

Tags: Robert Sachs, Health Care, US Economy, The Buddha at War

The current administrations proposals to create affordable health care available to the average American citizen is doomed to failure if the only people they are going to listen to at the CEOs of HMOs, the pharmaceutical moguls, and number crunchers excited by the possible automating of medical records.
Until true preventive methods like traditional (more…)

February 2, 2009

Tags: Robert Sachs, Economy, President Obama, The Wisdom of The Buddhist Masters

Editorial: Making A Moral Correction…

On a recent edition of Sunday’s “Meet the Pres” on NBC, I watched Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Kerry duke it out on the fine points and emphasis of the Obama administration’s economic stimulus package; an attempt to resurrect our failing economy before the bread lines (more…)


December 15, 2008

Tags: Robert Sachs, Buddha, Buddha at War, Passionate Buddha, Death and Dying, Quicksilver Books, Nine Star Ki, Melanie Sachs

Dear Friends,

Over the course of my life, I have found myself drawn to write about matters that come close to my heart and beckon. In being involved with holistic healing, I wrote Tibetan Ayurveda. In dealing with issues around death and dying of people close to me, I felt compelled to (more…)

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