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The Times We are In

May 13, 2011

Tags: Namgyal Rinpoche, Barak Obama, Monsanto

Our minds, out of habit, crave unambiguous, well-packaged reality. If we all accept that in truth, all of us want to be happy, then such a craving would seem both logical and a useful as the impetus to achieve this utopian goal.
Yet, time and again, our efforts get foiled no matter where we (more…)

Ambulance Down In The Valley

February 16, 2011

Tags: Monsanto, President Obama, GMOs, Healthcare, Democratic Party

So, I get a call from the Democratic Party Congressional fund raising people. They tell me of all the ways that the Republicans are going to gut whatever healthcare plan President Obama had pushed through when the Democrats were in control. And, they tell me that they need to raise funds to especially ensure (more…)

Frankenstein Alfalfa

January 31, 2011

Tags: Monsanto, Barak Obama, Organic Food, Buddha at War

This week, Monsanto was able to convince the US president that GMO alfalfa is good for the country.

There are just some things I think that {Pres. Obama just doesn't get. And, maybe Michelle has got to have a good, long talk with him.

The fact is that if GMOs take over our food (more…)

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