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Ambulance Down In The Valley

February 16, 2011

Tags: Monsanto, President Obama, GMOs, Healthcare, Democratic Party

So, I get a call from the Democratic Party Congressional fund raising people. They tell me of all the ways that the Republicans are going to gut whatever healthcare plan President Obama had pushed through when the Democrats were in control. And, they tell me that they need to raise funds to especially ensure that womens' healthcare is not jeopardized.

Totally get it. But, it's beside the point. Why?

Simply put, Monsanto and friends.

In the last three weeks, Monsanto has been carefully making love to the Oval Office. As result 3 GMO crops have been approved.

In the wake of Frankenfoods, it does not matter how much money we throw at healthcare. If the foods we eat are questionable at best, then the foundation of our health is automatically undermined and any healthcare funding will ALWAYS be woefully lacking in being able to keep up with the disaster.

Years ago, the physician I worked for, Dr. Walt Stoll, gave me a poem called "The Fence or The Ambulance." It was a story of a small town that had a big cliff above it. And people seemed to drive off the road on the cliff quite frequently. Money was put to improve the ambulance service, but they couldn't keep up with all of the cars and mangled bodies. So the ambulance service went to a town hall meeting and asked for more funding. Then, a heretic spoke up and recommended that the town put up a fence. He was shouted down for his ridiculous suggestion.

As populations grow and water and food sources become corporatized, I believe that the most important protests - in halls of power and on the streets - has got to be to protect what each one of us needs to survive and hopefully thrive on this planet. If we don't do this, if we cannot see a return to common sense - the support of our farmers, an encouragement to produce healthy organic foods, and supporting initiatives in the UN to make access to water a human right, it will not matter who wins the healthcare battle. In the end, we shall all lose.

Until I see the Obama administration and the Democratic party begin to take any of this to heart, they will find that my checkbook remains closed. Regardless, my mouth will remain open.

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