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Frankenstein Alfalfa

January 31, 2011

Tags: Monsanto, Barak Obama, Organic Food, Buddha at War

This week, Monsanto was able to convince the US president that GMO alfalfa is good for the country.

There are just some things I think that {Pres. Obama just doesn't get. And, maybe Michelle has got to have a good, long talk with him.

The fact is that if GMOs take over our food supply, we shall destroy small farms worldwide and make them dependent of big corporations for their seeds. And, most importantly, will shall annihilate all previous knowledge on food and what it does as preserved in the Indian, Tibetan, Chinese, and other indigenous healing traditions. Put a fish gene in a carrot and it just won't act like a carrot in the body.

With diet out of the way, the pharmaceutical companies will enrich their coffers as we no longer can properly sustain our bodies ad souls the old fashioned way; by sitting down and enjoying a good home cooked meal with friends.

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