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The mounting cost

June 28, 2010

Tags: BP, Kindra Arneson, Robert Sachs, Barak Obama, Buddha at War

The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico keeps unfolding, like a slow motion nuclear explosion that will eventually leave behind an area that will not come to right in our lifetime.

I strongly advise friends to watch the video listed hear as this ordinary lady, Kindra Arneson, lays it on the line as it is. It graphically explains what I wrote about almost five weeks ago. This IS a global disaster, that needs to be met on all levels; thought, action, prayers.

With respect to prayer, in keeping with Dr. Emoto's prayer that you can see on YouTube, each of us needs to dig deep and recognize our participation in this event. Typing on this keyboard made of plastics, I am definitely complicit in the petroleum nightmare. And, if I or any of us is going to make a difference, confession and apology, and a commitment to be mindful, use less, appreciate more, and give back have to be aspects of the intent and action each of us needs to take.

To become a Buddha, you have to commit yourself to remaining awake. Once you make the commitment, you are on the path. And, wakefulness will slowly be surely become the only state of being that you can bear.


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