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Political and Other Reflections from Robert

Stop the Pumps!

Bear with me as I put on my Ayurvedic Hat...

For those unfamiliar with Ayurveda, it is the oldest and most respected holistic healing science on the planet.  Interestingly enough, in its treatments, which include treatments for humans, animals, even the environment, there are prescriptions for how to clean up nuclear waste!  Long ago, beyond our conventional, air brushed history, did we do to the planet what we seem to be doing here and now?

So back to the point...

According to Ayurveda, Mother Gaia, our Beloved Earth, is like all living beings, made up of the same elements which nourish and nurture our bodies.

OIL within the earth does what oil does within our bodies.  In our bodies, there is lubrication, sticky, slimy, unctuous, flowing as the fattiness within our tissues.  Such fattiness protects our brain and nervous system, provides the slide and glide of every moving part, preventing overheating.  And, as we get older, we need to augment this fatty tissue with Omega 3 fatty acids in our diets, soothing oils for our skins and so forth.  Without it, our nervous systems become more easily jangled, our joints become inflamed, creaky and stiff, our skin and hair dry up.

Translate this to Mother Gaia.

If we extract oil from oil streams and repositories and tar sands in the ground, we remove the slide and glide of tectonic plates.  Movement then becomes more abrupt, leading to more intense earthquakes, heat begins to build up, which evaporates our water supplies and the earth become dry and barren. Protective layers of icey coolness melt and more and more land become susceptiple to fiery conditions while coastal, cooler lands become submerged by rising seas.

The simplest and most obvious solution to all of this cascading out of control?  THE IMMEDIATE halting of all oil drilling worldwide.

We have gotten to the point in our technology where lubrications and combustibles made of vegetation and the use of solar and wind power can generate whatever it is we think we need to sustain a reasonable degree of ease and comfort FOR ALL.

Overcoming Greed and encouraging the political will need to be the FIRST RESPONSES to the disasters unfolding.

And, we should be prepared for the heightening of mad rhetoric and reaction as these sensible and obvious solutions are brought about by hundreds of millions of loving beings who see that ONENESS and interconnection bears itself out in fearless action to make the changes we need to survive and thrive.

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First things first...

There is a concern that the proceedings investigating the POTUS and the thrust towards impeachment are distracting the Democrats from doing "the people's work."


This true and not true.


There is great urgency to address the slow moving, but steady train of environmental degradation soon to reach biblical proportions.  Also, the hideous display of political jockeying while children die in our southern border camps.


But, will the current POTUS and his compliant cronies agree to ANY proposals that the Dems produce and get passed through the House?


In which case, IMPEACHMENT, even if it does not succeed is as good as any issue to address.  But, if successful with a groundswell, it may well create a possible cascade releasing the forces of reason.  In which, the last issue that we would normally think of addressing for the change we seek may be the first we need to address...

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Faulty Political Calculus

At this point, I contend that Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic caucus are demonstrating a timidity rooted in a faulty political calculus regarding the issue of impeachment.


They are drawing an equivalency between the impeachment of Pres. Bill Clinton and the fall out that hurt the Republican party afterwards and what the Dems may incur if they do the same.


Here is why this is faulty.


* Special Prosecutor Starr had one issue to deal with.  Oral sex and the President lying about it.


* How do you compare one stained blue dress to campaign finance violations (Stormy), perpetual violations of the emoluments clause, witness tampering, trusting foreign dictators over our own intelligence community, and being willing to accept money from foreign entities?


* There is no comparison or equivalency here.


* The American people, though often not so well informed are not stupid.  They GET the difference between a blow job and treason.


* The percentage of people supporting impeachment now is greater than the numbers who supported the impeachnment of  Pres. Nixon.



The 2018 Dem landslide had more to do with people wanting fresh faces, new ideas, real change, and a real fear and disdain for our current POTUS than them being happy with the Democratic status quo.


If they really liked the Democratic status quo, the majority with which Hillary Clinton won the popular vote would have been much bigger.


Bottom line: Faulty Calculus, over-inflated sense of support of the Dem status quo...  

Impeachment is about principle FIRST.  If you hold to the principle, the poltical tide will turn and the numbers will bear this out.


Morality and principle needs to nurture political stands.  If it is the other way, then 2020 is already lost.

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A Fourth of July table treat

Here is a simple treat for those with a mind sharpened, but still able to see humor in the times. It's a simple dish. All you need to buy are some dry roasted nuts and condoms.

The Dish: Official White House Part Snack Mix

Ingredients: Partially salted, almost Organic Dry Roasted Nuts, Condoms

Warning:  Read More 
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A Parody for the Fire Monkey Year

We are about to embark into a Fire Monkey year, which will prove itself to be chaotic, volatile, but not as devastating as some may think. Perhaps a year of gas, but not a real relief from our political constipation.

So, in the spirit of Weird Al, here is a parody that some of  Read More 
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Health Care

There may be a number of people that are relieved that they have healthcare, courtesy of the Affordable health care Act, or Obamacare. For me, I am glad to have something just in case I experienced some kind of catastrophic accident. But, that is about it.

There are so many holes and flaws with  Read More 
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I am posting here a letter I sent to SLOLife, which the editor-in-chief, Tom Franciskovich was so gracious to publish, despite my criticism of his earlier article. In recent weeks in SLO county there have been other battles over water in the north county which will certainly be eclipsed if fracking is allowed.

In  Read More 
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Grieving For Children Passed

This talk was given by Robert Sachs at The Compassionate Friends gathering on December 9th in Arroyo Grande, CA. This was a Light Up a Life gathering for parents to celebrate the lives of their deceased children.

“On January 17th, our daughter, Shamara Phillipa, died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Beyond the grieving  Read More 
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The "Getting Real" Factor

In the panic and promise of the year 2012, I note a polarity which - I contend - is dis-empowering any which way you cut it.

On the one side, there is the "Fear Factor" crowd. Global devastation and collapse either at the hand of nature, corporations and their army/nations, or a combination thereof.  Read More 
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A different kind of election - in my dreams?

Big money has been ubiquitously understood as the bane to any fair, democratic electoral process. It was understood by our Founding Fathers, Abraham Lincoln, FDR, and Dwight Eisenhower. Our current President seems to almost understand this, but his will to commit to an act on this understanding is suppressed in the commonly held belief  Read More 
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